The Mend Mark Bracelet: Every scar tells a story


The mend mark is a distinctive wristband designed with the purpose of resembling one of the five scars that Jesus endured for His people. The band features circular disks that are positioned at each side of the wrist. The intent of these is to simulate one of the holes that was instrumental in killing a King. The purpose of bearing this symbol is to emphasize the importance of that sacrifice and prompt us to never forget the role that it continuously plays in our lives.


Every scar tells a story. This scar happens to tell the greatest story of all time. The underlying message that accompanies this product makes it so much more than just a simple moral souvenir or evangelical proxy. There is a great folklore of love represented in the crucifixion that should never be forgotten. Don't let the story get lost in time. It's too relevant to become stale and cliched. If we stop remembering, then we will forget. This mark is our reminder, and the reminder is love.


Over one billion people do not have access to clean drinking water. This ongoing issue threatens life on a devastating scale. We can mend that. In an effort to advocate the message of love on a global level, a portion of proceeds from every sale will go directly to Living Water International. To learn more about LWI, the world water crisis and what is being done to combat it visit:


No matter your religious preference, most would agree that there is no greater love than for one to lay their life down for another. Imagine what it would look like if we were consistently reminded of the greatest love expression in history. Be a part of the purpose and in doing so, you will be living for a love that one Man considered worth dying for. He made His mark, now is the time for us to use that example and make our own.

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Mend Mark Bracelet

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