Church Planting ... We've gone back to our roots! 

It sounds like an unusual thing to announce like this but we at Heartland Christian Resources are taking a giant step BACKWARDS! Yes, backwards!

Although we are involved in so many new and exciting ministries and are involved with so many new ministry partners, our hearts have been and always will remain in Church Planting. The hundreds of churches, schools, camps, and ministries God has allowed us to help has been a great blessing; yet, our years starting new churches and being involved with groups like, will remain in our spirit forever.

We believe that planting a church is one of the most difficult callings anyone can undertake. The unknown of a new location, many times picking up and moving families, leaving friends and relatives and ... unfortunately, many times not knowing where or if the money would be there to support everyone.

Heartland and all of its ministry partners have dedicated resources to, hopefully, eliminate these concerns. The many church plants with which we've been involved in the "good 'ole days" never had the resources available then that we can offer today. Pastors need to pastor and, too often, much of their time is spent worrying about health insurance, how to do payroll, and human resource and benefits management.

"An employee manual???? What's that?" How to run the "business" of a new church is never taught at seminary and it seems few businessmen ever get the calling. God chooses those that He knows their hearts. As businessmen and women, we know he wants us to make "the world's toughest job" easier ... and that's what we're dedicated to doing.

Whether you are a small church that wants to plant or a huge denomination that needs guidance and resources, we are ready and able to help. Let's not re-invent the wheel, let's just give it more spokes!

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